Our Favorite RV Products

Our Favorite RV Products

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Easy to store and a must have for any RV’er who doesn’t have a built in ladder on their rig. I absolutely love my collapsible ladder!

You should never hook up to a water source without having a water pressure regulator.  The  recommended water pressure is 60 PSI in an RV, 50 PSI for older models. We never hook up without ours.

Ever tried pulling your rig into a tightly crammed gas station to fill up your tires with air? Well, stress no more. The Kobalt Portable Air Compressor/Inflator plugs into a standard outlet or into your automobile cigarette lighter. Has multiple attachments and you can set it to your desired PSI for tire inflation.

You can easily line up your hitch to your trailer alone with the Reese Towpower Solo Hitch Alignment System. See Julia demonstrating it on Reese Towpower Product Review.

The Anderson Chock and Leveler Kit is a must have item for the Trippin Brehenys.  It takes only minutes for us to level out our trailer and secure the wheels with the included chocks.


We cannot understate the importance of having running water while living on the road full time.  When we find ourselves in colder temperatures our Pirit Heated Water Hose is a true life saver.  Available in 12′, 25′, 50′ and 100′.  Check out our product review on our blog at Pirit Heated Water Hose Review.