We Are The Trippin Brehenys

We Are The Trippin Brehenys

In the spring of 2018, we decided it was time to ditch our “normal life” and start to enjoy life.

Call it a mid life crisis or just call us crazy as we build a new life on the road. We are super excited to have you join the Trippin Brehenys.

Meet Joe, a self proclaimed Rock Star at heart. At a young half a century old, he is a self taught guitar player, singer, songwriter, poet and blogger.

Meet Julia, wife, mother of 4 kids and Nonna to her grandkids. Passions include photography, traveling and learning Spanish with son, Nick.

Meet Nick, who is 11 years old as we begin our travels. He is a super intelligent and gentle hearted young man. He is known as the human calculator, loves astronomy, drawing, youtube videos and he is just starting to blog about his travels from a kid’s perspective.


Short Italian Lady and Her Mid Life Crisis The Introduction:

Some people buy a sports car, start hanging out in bars, buy expensive items, or have an affair when they reach middle age. Not this short Italian Lady. What did I do? Told my husband I want to sell pretty much everything we own, close our business and hit the road. Joe, I am going with or without you.


The addiction to travel, minimalism and living simply was born. I was living vicariously through the Millennial Generation (or as I call them, the Brilliant Generation) of working less and living more. Why would I want to continue to work like a dog with the hopes that when I retire, I will have the time to see the world, spend time with family and friends and pursue interests I never knew I had. What if I didn’t make it to retirement? What if I get sick or my health is compromised and I can’t do the things that I am able to do now? I became like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum. Mommy, I want it and I want it now.

My brain was working overtime like a bunch of balls bouncing around in a pinball machine 24 hours a day. I was 48, hormonal as hell and about to explode with the excitement and fear of making crazy and drastic changes in my life. However, I did not give a shit if anyone thought I had completely lost my mind. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I spent countless hours, days, weeks and months reading about all types of people that had broken out of the mold that we are cultivated to fit in to at a young age. It all started with the book series, Happier Than a Billionaire by Nadine Pisani, it is a must read. Happier Than a Billionaire allowed me to see through the eyes of another couple that a life of freedom is possible for all of us that WANT it, if we have the balls big enough to do what most other people can’t, won’t or are too afraid to do.

We invite you to follow our journey as we went from crappy Corporate jobs, to Business Owners, to selling it all, hitting the road and figuring it all out along the way. And so the journey of Joe, Julia and Nick begins!