Review – Legit Or Scam? Review – Legit Or Scam?

Has Your Video Content Become Stagnant On YouTube? Change it!

Sharing your content has never been easier than it is in today’s world. From social media to blogging to vlogging and everything in between there are few people left today who don’t have some form of web presence.  In this post we review

When I first started posting on Youtube about 2 years ago I wasn’t getting any views. Although I have to admit I wasn’t posting very often and my videos were pretty amateur. I learned how to monetize on Youtube and slowly started getting some views by promoting my videos on social media.

It was at about this same time, or as I like to call it “$0.14 worth of earnings on Google Adsense” that Youtube decided to change their policy which stated you needed to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of total video watch time before you could monetize your content. Unfortunately for me, they didn’t grandfather accounts which already had monetization in place.

I have continued to post content on my original Youtube channel and have started two more YouTube channels even since then, full well knowing I would have to provide good content, build a following and start the potentially long road to growth on Youtube.   Check out the Trippin Brehenys on YouTube.

Trippin Brehenys uses referral and affiliate links which means we may receive a monetary benefit if you sign up through one of our links.  See our full Disclosure here.

What Is Rumble?

Rumble is a video sharing platform that allows video content creators to upload their videos and share in the ad revenue received.  There are no requirements for subscribers or overall view time making it possible to earn ad revenue very quickly.  Rumble provides four different licensing options to give you greater control over your potential earnings.  If you choose the Exclusive Video Management license option and your video gets approved Rumble takes care of the distribution.

What Are The Options For Video Distribution On Rumble?

  • Exclusive Video Management License:  Rumble takes care of the full distribution on, Rumble’s YouTube channel and partnerships with sites such as MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and many others.
  • Video Management (Excluding YouTube):  Same as above but they don’t promote your videos on their YouTube channel.
  • Rumble Player License:  Excludes YouTube and all of the 3rd party partner sites and only distributes on
  • Not For Sale:  Rumble will only have a license to show your video on the site but will not promote it.  With this option, you retain full control and full rights to your video.

See our newest Rumble video about Surviving The COVID-19 Toilet Paper Shortage.  Help us get this to go viral.

How Does Rumble Payout?

Rumble pays out via Paypal or Payoneer.  Once your account has reached $50 you can start the payout process.  Rumble pays out 90% of the ad revenue received from your video and 60% if you choose the license option which allows them to distribute on YouTube.

In order to test Rumble, we uploaded a couple of videos in early March 2019.  Our first video was approved on the evening of 3/18/19 and at the time of this writing (3/23/19), our video has earned an estimated $25.63 in ad revenue. earnings dashboard

From the first video download through the end of April 2019 our total earnings on Rumble without uploading any additional videos came out to a total of $53.45.    The thresh hold for payout is $50.  Not too shabby for posting a few videos. Earnings

Final Analysis:

As video content creators this gives us an excellent avenue to share our content and the ability to monetize our content if we choose to so.  We have the ability to upload videos we already have on YouTube and Rumble makes this process very easy.

As an added bonus Rumble also has a referral program that allows you to make a 5% share of the ad revenue for anyone you refer to the Rumble platform.  This 5% comes from Rumble’s share of the revenue.

Sign up for your Rumble account and start uploading videos today.

Check out our first approved video: Massive Bison Completely Stops Traffic In Yellowstone.

Be sure to check us out on our YouTube channel.    Yes, we’re still posting videos there too.

Comment below and let us know about your experience with Rumble or let us know if we can answer any questions.

Until next time, we’ll be seeing you… On The Road!

And don’t forget to watch our newest video on Rumble called Rollin’ In The Charmin.


44 thoughts on “ Review – Legit Or Scam?

  1. Hello Alex, Thank you for reading our blog. We still upload videos to YouTube for a lot of vlog content which allows us to maintain 100% ownership of the content we post to YouTube. We also have some videos that have affiliate links on our YouTube channel and haven’t used Rumble for any affiliate marketing although I believe it can be done. All of the videos that we have uploaded to Rumble we have selected the “Exclusive Video Management Option”. With this option, Rumble will post our videos to their YouTube channel (Even the ones we already have uploaded to YouTube) and they have exclusive marketing rights. If you already have videos uploaded to YouTube you can also upload to Rumble and select the “Exclusive” option and they will file a copyright claim on your video on YouTube (This is normal and nothing to worry about) OR you can select to have them market it in any other way than YouTube. We recommend signing up for Rumble and access the communities and forums. We hope to see you on Rumble.

  2. I don’t quite understand Rumble. Just playing with it swiping videos I like I supposedly “earned” 5$
    For looking at videos? I can’t figure out how to access comments on videos and place a comment.

    1. Hi Jerri, Rumble has made some changes since we first started so there was no way to get paid just for watching and it’s not something we’re familiar with. As far as commenting on videos if you pull up the video there is a comment box just below the video. If it’s not there maybe you need to sign in. Best of luck and thank you for reading our blog. Joe, Julia, and Nick the Travel Kid.

      1. I recently started an account on I don’t have videos I want to download to I just wanted a place where I could talk without being completely censored. I left Facebook because of them censoring my brother when he shared on Facebook with friends and family, in U.S. & Costa Rica, how our alcoholic Mom let God into her life. They wouldn’t allow my bros. post and took it off maybe because he mentioned hell, I don’t know. He was so angry as he felt it was a moving story that he especially wanted our relatives to read. Anyway, now I’m with MY ISSUE WITH RUMBLE.COM: I just want to comment and be able the next day to find my comment and any replies/comments to my comment. I thought I could search on my account name, but search is only for videos. I looked at the “bars in the top corner,” I looked at every part of my account trying to find my comments and responses to those comments, I looked in my email that’s on my account to see if I got responses to my comments there. I see that it takes awhile for people to get answers to their questions, so I thought I would try asking this way. I will send this and leave this page up because if I close this page on my computer, I won’t be able to find out of you answered my comment as I won’t be able to find my comment or your answer. PLEASE HELP! Thank you. momofcoco

        1. Hi momofcoco, We haven’t been uploading to Rumble nearly as much as we used to and are not in any way associated with They used to have a specific forum page where you could ask a question and it was monitored and followed up on fairly quickly but we have recently learned that the forums have been removed. Sorry we couldn’t be more help!

  3. Rumble is a joke. I tried to search for factual videos but it is so pro-criminal. I don’t know what the push is. I can’t find anything worthwhile. I guess I will stick to YouTube where I can find everything that I search for

    1. Hi Erik, Thank you for the honest comment. Our focus on the review was more geared towards the ability for content creators to make money from their videos and this platform is much better for the beginning content creator. When we first started on Rumble most of the videos were animals and babies. We’ve also noticed a lot more politically motivated content. Good luck to you and thanks again for taking the time to look at our post.

    2. I agree with you. Rumble is largely a platform for FAKE news to be posted so as to give the naïve a false impression of many things.

  4. I’m confused about how Rumble pays. Starting 2 months ago I’ve uploaded 36 videos with 33 approved so far (the last few still being analyzed, as they were just uploaded). Under “Your Videos” it shows a CPM of $5000, but to date, earnings are $0. I selected the Exclusive management option on most. None had the not for sale option. Do they actually ever pay out on any of the videos?

    1. Hello Deb, We have been paid out on videos and are currently showing a balance on our account which is not yet at the payout thresh-hold ($50 minimum). When you log into your account click on “Account Overview” you should see a Cash Out button. Let us know what your earnings show there. We’d love to hear about it.

  5. 22 hours since upload and still not available.
    Same video uploaded to NewTube, BitChute and YouTube was available in an hour or so.
    Just a short video (1:44) about votes subtracted during the Georgia Senate election, data from Reuters election coverage.
    Is Rumble controlled by the big tech czars?

    1. Hi Don, We have noticed it can take up to 72 hours before we’ve seen any kind of approval. Rumble has some internal review processes and we’re not sure what their review process is. It’s hard to say what any of these tech companies any more. We hope this gets approved for you soon and that your video(s) are successful on this platform.

  6. Rumble or the content creators are censoring comments. The comments that are being censored are not against Rumble’s policies they just challenge the narrative of some of the content. It’s open censorship.

    1. Since we first started posting videos on Rumble we’ve been receiving some similar responses to yours. There have obviously been some changes on their platform and we can only hope they will make future changes that will make their platform easier and more acceptable to use.

      1. Trippin, it’s almost December 2021 and Rumble is about twisted as YouTube – more so because it’s deceitful in the way it sneaks around ripping content and deleting comments.

        YouTube at least as the decency to tell you they’ve pulled a nazi stunt on you – Rumble just stabs creators and users in the back without a word.

        Once Bongino joined as part owner, it went downhill much faster. He seems to think he’s something pretty special who should be permitted throw his ugly weight around.

        He’s most assuredly not.

        1. Thank you for checking out our article and providing your feedback Jaz! This is an older blog and we were very hopeful at the time of writing this. The only reason we haven’t removed it is to allow for comments such as yours so that others may make their own determinations.

    1. It’s been some time since we’ve uploaded any videos. The last time we cashed out we didn’t have a problem. You might want to ask in the forums. One of the moderators is pretty active on there.

      1. Hi, this is very interesting. Do you know the name of the rumble forums? i have googled it but can not find any at all which is a bit weird?

  7. When i try to verify my account from India it says, Unfortunately, our services are not available in your country at this time. why is that ? What should i do to verify my account and start uploading my videos?

  8. Been using Rumble since February and really liked the platform at first but, since then I have seen my church service video release get more and more delayed in monitization pending.
    I wish Rumble would create an account for churches that allow their videos to be searched but not monitized, as we are a non-profit organization, to help speed up the release process.

  9. Youtube demonetized my vids for “duplicate content”. I’d like to know who else is using my video content, but there’s no way to actually talk to a human and every appeal brings the same decision. This brought me to Rumble. But… I’m only seeing maybe .05 when I check my earnings. Which monetization option is the best one to choose for optimal earning? I have about 25 videos already uploaded of my ORIGINAL content. Can you help? and Thanks.

    1. Hi Terrye, Unless there have been any changes to Rumbles licensing options the best one to maximize earnings is the one which gives Rumble the full licensing rights to your videos. This allows them to post it on their YouTube channel and allows you to earn from YouTube with views that come from the Rumble YouTube channel. If you’re concerned about giving away the rights and/or full ownership of your videos this might not be your best option. Good luck on the platform.

  10. I uploaded close to 1000 videos to rumble and have made about $35 over two months. Out of that $35 most of it was from wining a place in the rumble battles. I have opted to give rumble exclusive on some videos but most videos are on the rumble only option.if you give rumble exclusive rights over your content you have basically lost ownership of your video for ever. My YouTube channels with the same content make me around 1200 a month.

    I welcome rumble but as it is now it’s not a replacement for you tube.

  11. Hi,
    It’s great to have a second platform and choice however no one has been able to enlighten me on a few things. First off, I have never seen an ad on any videos, even the ones with hundreds of thousands of views so where is the “ad revenue” coming from.

    Secondly, if opt for the license giving them your rights, your video ends up on the Rumble channel on YouTube called Rumble Viral with almost 2 million subscribers. I find that quite funny actually and wonder is that the only source of revenue that’s actually coming from YouTube?

    1. Hi Steve, Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog article. It’s been awhile since we started on Rumble and they used to have a good forum that was monitored by a Rumble employee but it appears they’ve taken that down. We’ve never paid attention and noted that there were no ads being played but can only assume the ad revenue comes from the Rumble YouTube channel. Some of our videos do get YouTube revenue and are being viewed from our channel. This option comes up if you are uploading your video and including the link to your YouTube channel. It seems Rumble still has the license but pays out the YouTube revenue to you directly in those instances. And, yes, we believe most, if not all of the revenue is coming from their YouTube channel.

    1. Hi Han, From our understanding, you get Rumbles anytime someone interacts with your account. That could be liking or commenting on your video and if we’re not mistaken, that would include you liking or commenting on others’ videos as well

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