Full Time Traveling With Kids: Education and Socialization

Full Time Traveling With Kids: Education and Socialization

The Internet provides us the opportunity to work or run a business from anywhere in the world.  So, what impact does this have on the typical family? What are the challenges parents face to ensure their children receive a good education and healthy socialization? Want to learn more about full time traveling with kids?

We have been traveling with our twelve year old son for the past two years. We would like to share what we have learned over the past two years traveling full time with our son in regards to his education and socialization.

Getting an Education.

The number one question that we get, and hear others asking is, how does your son get his education while traveling?

It took a lot of research to determine which program would be the best for Nick. There are several questions that you will need to answer before making the best choice for your child.  First, how much flexibility do you need? Second, how much direct involvement do you need to have? Is your child a self learner or do you need to be heavily involved to keep them engaged? Third, know your state laws in regards to homeschooling? Finally, what type of program should you choose? You have self directed online options, standard learning plan options and live classroom sessions.

We are very blessed to have a son that is self motivated and a quick learner. After discussing theFull Time Travel With Kids: Nick The Travel Kid options with Nick, we chose online learning. From beginning to end, we included Nick in the options that were available to him so that he was vested in the final decision. Nick is a geography nut so be sure to check out Geography with his Dad.

We chose a program called Accellus Power Home School. Nick took his placement tests and together we were able to choose the courses and appropriate grade levels. Fast forward two school years later and Nick is already ahead of schedule to graduate. In addition, he is at different grade levels in several subjects based on his strengths.

Real World Education

When it comes to education, just remember that your child’s education is never limited to classroom studies. As a full time traveling family, your kids will have real life educational experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Here are just a few of the places that Nick has visited over the past two years:

And many, many more around these surrounding areas.

Our final thoughts about education are to find out what are your options and the laws in your state. Search Google and join Facebook groups for homeschooling, road schooling and unschooling in order to educate yourself as a parent. Discuss with your child the options available to them and involve them in the decision making process. Your child will gain a sense of empowerment and be invested in their education and class choices.

Socialization and Making Friends on the Road.

The second most asked question that we are asked is how does Nick make friends when traveling full time? Socialization will always be a major concern for parents when traveling full time with their kids, especially if you only have one child. We have four children, but three of them are grown and out on their own. Essentially, Nick is an only child as we travel.

Socialization is always a priority for us when we make decisions on where to travel and where to Full Time Travel With Kids: Floating in the Poolwork during different seasons of the year. Here is what has worked for our family. During the winter months we strive for remote positions that will allow us to travel to visit friends and family around the country. The summer season offers an easy solution as we apply and work for family style campground locations with lots of activities that are geared for the kids. Most often there are other families working there during the summer and these kids gravitate towards each other. They have a tight bond being full time traveling kids and appreciate their summers together creating memories that will last a lifetime. Nick even started making some videos last summer with his friends. Want to Get Beanboozled or Eat Crickets?

Keeping in touch.

Technology offers a way for traveling kids to stay in touch with promises that they will see each other again in the future. There are Facebook groups and communities that you can join and meet up with other full time traveling families all over the country throughout the year. Where one may see an obstacle, there is always a solution.

The Internet and Social Media has provided an opportunity for the world to become one big family. The TrippinBrehenys pray everyday for peace on earth and goodwill to all.

We would love to hear your comments below about your full time traveling with kids experience.

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Until next time, we’ll be seeing you… On The Road!




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