Beauty On The Beast – Hitting The Road In 4 Days.

Beauty On The Beast – Hitting The Road In 4 Days.

Well it looks like all systems are go for Kathleen Fellows and family for their upcoming road trip.  When we last heard their plans were de-railed by a (shudder) motorcycle accident.  Check out her last blog post “Sometimes Life Has Different Plans”.

Let’s check in and see what they’re up to.

Beauty On The Beast – Hitting The Road In 4 Days.

The trip is on…
Now the trip is off…
The trip MIGHT happen if the doctor says it’s okay.

Since I last wrote I turned 50. I had a whole calendar full of plans to celebrate all month, then Matt had surgery to screw his collarbone back together and plans were changed.

(This is why I have waited so long to write. I didn’t want to have to take anything back.)

The doctor had put his arm in a sling but that was not enough to slow Matt down. He spent the week between appointments ordering parts and rebuilding his bike. The follow-up revealed zero healing (*GASP*) and it was determined that nothing would slow this guy down short of cutting him open and installing hardware.

Did you ever know a kid who broke his leg at the start of summer vacation, limb sheathed in a hot, itchy plaster cast, doomed to sit on the sidelines while his friends were off swimming, rafting, and boating? That was Matt after the surgery. The weather was perfect for riding and he got to see all of his friends’ posts of their rides in the beautiful Oregon countryside. I prayed for rain so he wouldn’t feel so bad. I didn’t want to ride without him. It seemed too mean.

I did ride without him, but I felt bad about it.

Still, we have continued to plan. If Matt stays out of trouble and avoids further injury we should be able to hit the road for a couple of weeks. We have mapped out a trip going south along the California coast and returning through Tahoe and Crater Lake. We have continued to gather the necessary gear for the trip. I found a pair of leather pants which we took, along with Matt’s torn jacket, to a leather seamstress for alterations and repairs. Matt ordered luggage for his bike so I won’t be the lone pack mule. We even took a short backpacking trip so Matt could experience sleeping in a hammock.

Despite these preparations, this is the most by-the-seat-of-our-pants thing we’ve done in 18 years. Back then it was us and 3 small children driving up the coast over Presidents’ Day weekend, sleeping in our van in parking lots, and checking out tourist spots. The vehicles are different and we won’t have any children along. I prefer being prepared so this time we are equipped with a tent and hammocks. Other than that, we don’t know how far we’ll ride or where we will stop or stay each night.

Adventure is out there! We’re gonna gab a handful of throttle and find it.

Departure day is July 6.

Kathleen Fellows

Let the countdown begin!

We can’t wait to hear how the trip turns and hope for a safe and happy one.

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