CityPals – Let The Locals Guide You

CityPals – Let The Locals Guide You

Have you ever taken a vacation to an exotic locale and went off exploring on your own only to find out later that you missed out on some of the greatest treasures that place had to offer?  Perhaps you spent hours researching and planning and once the vacation was over you found yourself wanting a little more.

What you really needed was a local!  CityPals – Let The Locals Guide You.

As full-time travelers we understand the importance of seeking local guidance whenever we visit somewhere new.  As travelers who make money while living on the road we also recognize the value of the gig economy.  CityPals merges these two worlds together in incredible fashion.

What is CityPals?

Simply put, CityPals provides a platform for travelers to partner with locals in many of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. As a traveler you can register for an account on CityPals and book a tour of your favorite vacation getaway.  Search for your destination, review the available local tour providers, make your choice and start packing your bags. CityPals is also available on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

Who are the tour providers?

The tour providers are every day people with specific knowledge of a city, state or country.  Think of their services akin to Uber on steroids.  From the best places to eat, to the local nightlife hotspots, to sightseeing and museums, and everything in between.  One such tour provider in Paris, France is also a professional photographer and will even show you tips and tricks for taking great pictures while on your vacation.

Can I sign up to be a tour provider?

Absolutely.  Register for an account with CityPals and create a profile highlighting your local knowledge and what services you can provide.

There’s a whole world out there to explore.  Why not meet some fantastic people who can show you around!

We here at the Trippin Brehenys did some comprehensive research of the CityPals platform and found great reviews online.  You can also see reviews on CityPals of the individual tour providers to assist in choosing your guide.

We will definitely use CityPals on our future travels.  CityPals – Let The Locals Guide You



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