Grafton Ghost Town

Grafton Ghost Town

Welcome To Grafton Ghost Town!

Just 8 miles from the south entrance of Zion National Park lies a small village whose last inhabitant left in 1945.  Rich in history and the scene of six motion pictures this destination is a must see if you’re visiting the area.  Grafton was first colonized by a group of ten families as part of the Cotton Mission spearheaded by Brigham Young. Destroyed by floods and abandoned several times during the Indian Troubles, Grafton still stands today.  Several old homesteads and a school house built in 1862 are all that remain.


A short hike away from the town lies the Grafton Cemetery.  History comes alive as you read the headstones, each one telling a story of its own.  Some of the gravestones were littered with change, some with only a few cents and others with a substantial amount.  We could only speculate the reason for this and came to the conclusion it was probably just a local prank.  We played it smart and left the money alone.

After a visit to this town you’ll never see the movie Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid the same way again.

This is a perfect little side trip for any visit to Zion National Park and the best thing is…   The cost is free.

For more information visit the Grafton Heritage Partnership Project.

Join the Trippin Brehenys  on YouTube as we tour Grafton Ghost Town.

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