Product Review – Tymate Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Product Review – Tymate Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Product Review – Tymate Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Yes, that’s a picture of our tire.  That was the first of two blowouts we had on the same day.  By the time the 2nd blowout occurred just 20 miles away from the first I was not in the mood to take another picture.

That was from our first rig before we went full time living in an RV.   We were such newbies back then.

Now we’re older and wiser (mostly older) and understand the importance of travel safety, and when you live your life on the road your tires are of the utmost importance.

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Tire Quality + Proper Maintenance = Tire Safety.

When we bought our current travel trailer even though it had brand new tires we did our research and bought the best trailer tires on the market.  Sure, we could have kept the original tires on there, after all they were brand new but this is our lifestyle and when it comes to the safety of our family we don’t take any chances.  We also take some simple steps to ensure the integrity of our tires.

  • Regularly inspect your tires for abnormal wear and tear.
  • Routinely tighten your lug-nuts to the manufacturers specifications.  We recommend every 200 miles.
  • Use tire covers if you’re sitting for extended periods of time and use tarps if parked on dirt, grass or gravel.
  • Grease your trailer wheel bearings every 8,000 to 10,000 miles
  • Maintain tire pressure per manufacturer load specifications.

That brings us to the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Tymate Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System Product Review.

This product comes with:

  • Solar and LED powered monitor.
  • 4 external sensors (6 for the RV trailer specific model).
  • USB charging cord.


  • Multiple alarm modes including slow leak, fast leak, high pressure, high temp, sensor battery and sensor fault.
  • Displays pressure and temperature simultaneously.

The Pros:

  • Easy to install.
  • Cost effective.
  • Great product reviews.

The Cons:

  • Why didn’t we get one of these sooner?

Final Analysis:

This product works as advertised.   When comparing the pressure readings with a tire gauge the readings were only off by 1 – 2 PSI.  We did not test the temperatures against any other measuring devices but noted different readings based on which side of the vehicle was shaded versus in the sun.  We have traveled over 500 miles since installing the TPMS and this gives us our tire pressure and temperature readings at a glance allowing us to make adjustments while on the road.  Most importantly, this has given us the peace of mind that we are taking appropriate measures to safeguard ourselves and our vehicle.  Other reviews and our personal experience with Tymate tells us they make quality products.  Whether you go with an internal or external sensor or some other brand make sure that you have a reliable tire pressure monitoring system installed for the safety of you and your loved ones!  We highly recommend the Tymate Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Check out our video installation tutorial and product review on YouTube. Tymate TPMS Review and Installation Tutorial.

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Best for your                                                  Best for your travel trailer.
  tow vehicle.   

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To learn more about our first blowout experience check out our two blog posts in our series “Newbies at the Wheel”.

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Until next time, we’ll be seeing you… ON THE ROAD!


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  2. is there any way to pair the stem portion to monitor after you have reset factory mode. I cannot get a read out any more

    1. Hi Claude, If you’ve factory reset the unit and removed all the stem portions and then re-installed the stems after a new setup they should all be working. If one or more is not working then the batteries inside of the stem portion may have died. If you purchased them through Tymate on Amazon you might want to reach out to the seller to see what resolution they can provide.

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