Workamping for Jackson Hewitt!

Workamping for Jackson Hewitt!

Workamping for Jackson Hewitt!

There are many ways you can make money anywhere, any time and for anybody. Remote jobs, travel jobs, seasonal jobs, freelance jobs, the world is now your oyster! The internet is changing the workforce as we know it. You have options to put your life first, and work second. It has never been an easier time in history to find work that fits into whatever lifestyle you choose. Choose living first!

The Trippinbrehenys are a full time RV traveling family and here are 10 Reasons To Travel Full Time. We have been full time travelers for a little less than one year. It was scary to leave our home and everything we knew to hit the road. However, after almost one year as full time travelers, we have found that it is not hard to find work year round if you need an income.

If you choose to travel and work on the road, it is incredibly easy to find work anywhere during the summer months since the weather nationwide is fantastic. However, during the winter, the available jobs are drastically reduced. Jobs can be limited to ski resorts, Arizona, Texas and Florida. With the increasing number of full time travelers, the competition is fierce.

If you are open to all types of jobs, they are out there as long as you keep an open mind. The Trippin Brehenys are flexible and open minded to any job opportunity that will pay the bills and allow us to utilize our skills.

You might think we were nuts when we accepted a job offer to work for Jackson Hewitt last winter. Let’s be honest, preparing taxes is not the most glamorous job in the world. Now that we have completed our contract, we wanted to share the 411 with you.


How did we find this job?

We found the job opportunity for Jackson Hewitt at Workamper is a great resource to find job opportunities all over the country. There is an annual fee starting at $19.95 to become a member. Workamper provides you with resources to create a resume, view jobs, set up a profile, apply for jobs and so much more. Employers are able to view your resume and reach out to you with job offers based on where you want to work and what you want to do.

What is the hiring process?

The job posting instructed us to send an email and attach our resume. A phone interview was scheduled and we were offered the position. It is important with any position to be very clear about when you can start and the end date of your contract. Many positions will offer a completion bonus, so you want to be sure you can complete your contract and collect the additional cash.

No, we had not completed personal tax returns in the past!

We were asked all the time, how long have we been completing taxes? The answer is NEVER! We are business owners and consider ourselves savvy people, so this did not pose as an obstacle for us. Jackson Hewitt provides you with extensive training online prior to your arrival at your assigned office. Once you have arrived at your assigned office, you receive additional training onsite and with seasoned tax preparers.


We completed our online training while we were traveling in November. The training is mandatory and job dependent. There are additional training modules that you are required to complete by March 31 and can be done while you are scheduled in the office.

We arrived in New Mexico in January and started working on January 7th and completed our contract on April 17th.

Would we work for Jackson Hewitt again?

The answer is YES! We have applied for job opportunities for next tax season. The training and support that you receive are very good. The management and peers that we worked with were awesome! There are a variety of opportunities available after you have completed one year as a tax preparer.

Most of all and believe it or not, preparing taxes is not as hard as you think. Upon completion of training and some hands on experience, this is not a difficult job. You will have busy days, slow days, fantastic clients and challenging clients. At the end of the day, not much different from any other job.

Please note that Jackson Hewitt is individually franchise owned and all franchises may not offer workamping opportunities. The franchise that we worked for has locations in Napa Valley, New Mexico and North Dallas.

What basic skills do you need to have if you are interested in this opportunity?

  • Customer service skills are desirable as you will be interacting with clients.
  • Basic computer and internet skills.
  • Ability to complete online trainings prior to start date.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Teamwork spirit.

If you have questions or comments about workamping for Jackson Hewitt, please comment below and we can tell you how to apply.

The Trippin Brehenys


8 thoughts on “Workamping for Jackson Hewitt!

  1. Hi Joe and Julia,

    We didn’t get the chance to work together, but I was also at JH ABQ this past tax season. I am in the process of acquiring some established JH territories, and if you would have any interest in working in the Mid Atlantic region next tax season, I’d love to talk to you! You guys were always so well spoken of!

    Thanks for your consideration, and safe travels always!

    Tom C.

  2. Hi! I have recently been offered a work camping job with Jackson Hewitt for the upcoming tax season in the ABQ area. I was excited to find your webpage and hope you can help me out a bit. I’ve been to Albuquerque three times in my past life but never in the winter. I am a bit concerned about the weather, the high crime rate in the area, and also the distance from the campgrounds to the offices. Could you give me some info and hopefully alleviate some of my concerns? I’m not much of a city gal. Any info you could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Melody, Congratulations on your offer! We’ve worked the past 2 seasons with that Jackson Hewitt franchise. Our first season we worked in Santa Fe and it did get pretty cold and windy there. This past season we were both in remote support roles. I, Joe, spent a week in ABQ and the campground was nice. Most of the offices are a short distance from the campground and they are pretty flexible in working with you. During the week I was there it was not very cold so I can’t speak to the weather during the entire season. We recommend doing a google search on the ABQ weather year-round to see what you can expect. One nice thing is if you are in an RV you’ll be staying at a campground with other work campers and will build friendships with your co-workers. We do recommend a heater water hose for those nights where it gets below freezing. We hope this helps.

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