Beauty On The Beast – Sometimes Life Has Different Plans!

Beauty On The Beast – Sometimes Life Has Different Plans!

Our special thanks go out to guest blogger Kathleen Fellows for this follow up of Beauty On The Beast.

Be sure to check out Kathleen’s first installment at Beauty On The Beast where she writes about the roots of her and her family’s travel bug and their plans to travel across this great country of ours on motorcycles.

In this post, Kathleen shares how life sometimes has other plans for us:

June 14th

That is when our trip will begin. We plan to take up to 5 weeks to complete our travels. I have scheduled over 20 driving days and approximately 2 weeks of rest days. We will travel no longer than 6 hours a day to avoid fatigue. Due to different speed limits, we don’t know how many miles we’ll cover each day. We will ride over 6300 miles, hitting 13 states aside from our home of Oregon.

I want to take a few trips to mimic the kind of riding we’ll be doing on this trip. Mostly we ride for pleasure around winding roads so we need to get used to the monotony of highway riding. It will also be important to practice riding fully loaded with all of our gear.

Speaking of gear, we have begun gathering things we know we’ll need for this trip. Lightweight camping gear, check. Extra gas bottles, check. We’ve bought a windshield for my bike to cut down on the wind sheer. This should allow me to ride longer without getting tired. Matt has new tires. I have saddlebags on my bike and he wants to get some hard sided luggage for his. Matt found a great deal on some leather riding gear and we are on the hunt for mine. I picked up a leather jacket today but will keep shopping around. It’s a lot of money to spend on something that could potentially save me from severe injury.


***WOOO oooh WOOO oooh WOOO oooh***

Life is what happens while you are making plans.

It was a beautiful day here in Oregon. We haven’t had a lot of these lately so Matt decided to take advantage of the clear skies by taking a quick ride after work. For once, he actually had on proper riding gear. We learned just how great his gear was when he had a run in with a deer.

Matt and the bike will take some time and money to heal. He has a broken collar bone and some bruises and abrasions. The bike has more broken parts and not nearly as much as insurance coverage.

The thing about Matt is that even when things go wrong, they go right. There were people on the scene immediately to come to his rescue. They called 911. The fellow who lives on the road where he crashed happens to own a forklift. He picked up Matt’s bike and kept it until friends could tote it home. The doctor who treated him in the ER was the same guy on call when he crashed his bicycle 8 years ago. That accident turned out much worse. We’ll be seeing the orthopedist who did the surgery back then. It’s always nice to see old friends.

All this to say, we won’t be driving 6300 miles this summer. We still hope to take some shorter trips, but we will wait to find out what the doctor has to say. After sufficient healing, he can begin work on the bike. Matt still has 6 weeks of vacation time so we can really take our time over less distance with a lot more breaks.

No pun intended.

Stay tuned to find out when and where the wind will take us.

Thank you for reading Beauty On The Beast – Sometimes Life Has Different Plans.

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