Does Your Old Jewelry Spark Joy? If Not, Make Money At Worthy

Does Your Old Jewelry Spark Joy? If Not, Make Money At Worthy

Does Your Old Jewelry Spark Joy?

The trend towards minimalism continues to become an obsession in our society. Quality of life over material items are prevalent in social media, television, books, etc. We are looking at material items and asking the question, does this item bring me joy? Will letting go, result in a greater sense of freedom? More freedom than one could ever imagine. 

As full time travelers and aspiring minimalists, the Trippinbrehenys continue to simplify and downsize even after being on the road for ten months. This month we focused on the smaller items, electronics and jewelry. So today, we will talk about jewelry.

Put Some Cash In Your Pocket 

Ask the question, do these items spark joy? And if not, you can sell your jewelry at:


Trust me when I say that we are not famous movie stars or rappers layered from head to toe in glistening gemstones and gold, but we had a couple items that would bring in some cash and did not spark joy.  

Most often during our travels or working gigs, our jewelry would be locked up and put away for fear of theft or damage. More often than not, we weren’t wearing it at all. 

So after some research as to how to get the most cash for our items, all roads led to Worthy. At Worthy, you can sell rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and estate pieces. 

Worthy is an online auction site to sell your jewelry. Worthy has an excellent communication system for their customers and can get you the most cash for your items. 

Here is a recap of our experience:

1. Submit the basic information about your item

2. Print off the shipping label and send out via Fedex

3. Fedex label is for overnight delivery and insured for $100,000

4. Item was received the next day, cleaned and photographed

5. Stone was unmounted and graded at the GIA Lab

6. Received a resell value, they will buy it if it doesn’t sell for their value

7. I opted to increase my reserve amount by over $300 and got it

8. From start to finish, this entire process took a little over a week

I have to say that the communication process is outstanding. I received a text and/or combination of emails at each point in the process stated above. 

So, that being said. If you have jewelry sitting around that has some value, it no longer sparks joy or are on the minimalism fast track to freedom. This is a great way to get a lot more money for your jewelry than you would receive at a pawn shop. We got $900 more for our item than quoted at pawn shops. 

I hope that you receive some value from this information. So if you are ready to part with those treasures, click on link Worthy to start the process and put some quick cash in your pocket. 

Another money making tip from the Trippinbrehenys

Until next time, we’ll be seeing you… On The Road!


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