How To Replace The Anode Rod In Your RV’s Water Heater.

How To Replace The Anode Rod In Your RV’s Water Heater.

Your RV’s water heater anode rod is an important part of maintaining the life of your water heater.  We’re going to show you how to replace the anode rod in your RV’s water heater.

What exactly is an anode rod?

An anode rod is a rod made up of steel and surrounded by either aluminum, magnesium or a zinc/aluminum hybrid.  The anode rod is inserted into your water heater and is designed to corrode over time in order to avoid corrosion of the water heater itself.

How often should I replace the anode rod in my RV’s water heater?

You should check your anode rod once a year, more in areas with hard water.  Anode rods are expected to last up to 3 or 4 years but should be changed when 1/2 of the rod has corroded away.

What tools will I need?

  1. Teflon tape.
  2. 1 1/16 inch socket wrench with extension.  If unavailable you can use a crescent wrench and screw driver (see our video below)

Where can I get an anode rod?

You can pick up an anode rod at any RV supply house or click on one of our affiliate links at the end of this post.

How do I change the anode rod in my RV’s water heater.

  1. Ensure that you have the propane turned off to your water heater.
  2. Empty any and all hot water from the water heater tank.  Simply run the hot water from your kitchen sink.
  3. Turn off the supply line to your water heater.  (See image 1 below, valve shown in open position).
  4. Open the pressure relief valve on the water heater (circled in image 2 below).
  5. Remove the anode rod from the water heater (see the arrow in image 2 below)using a 1 1/16th socket or a crescent wrench with a screwdriver.
  6. Wait until the water drains from the water heater.
  7. Wrap teflon tape around your new anode rod in the opposite direction that you will be screwing the anode rod back in.
  8. Place the anode rod back into the water heater and tighten.   Do NOT over tighten.
  9. Slowly turn the cold water supply line back on.


That’s all there is to it.  Congratulations, you’ve just extended the life of your water heater.

Image # 1


Image # 2

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2 thoughts on “How To Replace The Anode Rod In Your RV’s Water Heater.

  1. Did I mis-read the written instructions. It says to open the relief valve and then remove the anode rod. Grab your crescent wrench and screwdriver and remove the anode rod.
    Does that make any sense??????

    1. Yes, it does make sense. Once you no longer have water going into the hot water tank you’ll open the pressure relief valve and let it drain for a couple of minutes. Then you can either use the wrench/screwdriver combo or preferably a 1-1/16 socket to remove the anode rod. I hope this helps.

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