Hello, I am Nick the Travel Kid

Hello, I am Nick the Travel Kid

My name is Nicholas or you can call me Nick. I love exploring the world and playing games. I am eleven years old and my birthday is May 10th. As of right now I am in sixth grade. As of writing this I’m am in Yellowstone National Park. I live in an RV with my parents and I have traveled to a lot of states and a few different countries already. You can also see my posts at www.steemit.com/@nickthetravelkid. I am also gonna be on DTube.


I also have a dog whose name is Jojo. He is a terrier mix, he is brown and his stomach area is white. He is just crazy and he runs faster than the wind. If you ever meet him he’ll probably jump on you not in anger he just wants everyone to pay attention to him. In general he is a very nice dog though and he just wants love.




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