Summer in Yellowstone National Park, aka Wait… I’m living on top of a volcano?

Summer in Yellowstone National Park, aka Wait… I’m living on top of a volcano?

We finally arrived at our destination in Yellowstone National Park on 5/30/18. This was to be our home for the next 3½ months. We lined up our jobs here in the park almost a year earlier and since leaving Florida we have yet to look back.

Yellowstone National Park was the first National Park in the U.S. and is also considered to be the first National Park in the world. A large portion of the park is made up of the Yellowstone Caldera. The word caldera comes from the Latin word caldaria which means “The hole where lava and shit spews from the earth upon eruption” or “boiling point”, whichever suits your fancy. Home to over 10,000 geo-thermal features including Fumaroles,Mudpots,Hot Springs and Geysers Yellowstone is a reminder that the planet we live on is a living, breathing entity with awe-inspiring power ready to be unleashed beneath our feet.

I can’t believe how lucky Julia, Nick and myself are to get the run of this place this summer. Seeing some of these geo-thermal features is much akin to being on another planet.

Nearing the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring you can see blue colored smoke rising from surface.

The Grand Prismatic Hot Spring – NOT FOR SWIMMING. It looks inviting but the water here is near boiling and has a high acidic content.

The smell of sulfur assaults your nose as you approach this incredible spring.

Black Dragon Caldron boils with life.

You can LITERALLY hear mouth of this cave roaring as waves of boiling hot water lap against the interior walls of the cave. Hence the name, Dragons Mouth Spring.DragonsMouth.jpg

Mudpots are melting rocks… WTF!

Mud Volcano, a blistering hot mud-pot, always active, ALWAYS HOT!

Fumaroles are everywhere!

I hope these pictures do some justice to these incredible geo-thermal features. There is still so much of the park left for us to explore and we can’t wait to share our incredible experiences.

Here’s a picture of Nick The Travel Kid with the Canyon Falls in the background.

Tune in next time when I explore some of the wildlife here at Yellowstone National Park.


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