On The Road To Nomad – Our final days on the road before Yellowstone National Park – Joe

On The Road To Nomad – Our final days on the road before Yellowstone National Park – Joe

Our final two days of travel before we get to our summer destination in Yellowstone National Park were relatively uneventful and short. Our plan wasn’t to stay at KOA’s very often (if ever) on our way to Yellowstone but we did find these to be more convenient and ended up staying at them on several occasions our last two days included.

On day 11 we stayed in Buffalo, Wyoming and after our days of sightseeing in the Black Hills National. AND the three days we spent there with literally NO internet we opted to hunker down in the trailer and plug in. Julia, actually chose a site at the KOA which marketed itself as the best spot for wifi in the campground (That’s how desperate we were.) We spent the remainder of the day sating our addiction to the internet and finally packed ourselves off to bed.

Day 12 finds us on another short drive into Cody, Wyoming and little did we know but this was to be our last day “on the grid” for what seemed like many, many days to come. We did some shopping at an Albertsons and found the people there to be incredibly kind and considerate. I was beside myself when I noticed that everyone was mindful enough to park their carts on the side of the aisle rather than just parking it sideways directly in the middle like I have grown accustomed to in my big city slicker life-style.


Look at that nice line of considerately placed shopping carts, aint it a beautiful thing?

** It wasn’t until two weeks later on a subsequent trip into Cody and the local Walmart that I noticed several gun toting residents and I realized Wyoming was an open carry state so OF COURSE people are going to be more considerate when doing their weekly shopping.

Another quiet night at the trailer and on the next morning we are ready for the final leg of our journey into Yellowstone National Park where we will be spending our summer working and using the park as our personal playground.

Stay tuned for our adventures working and playing at Yellowstone National Park as well as how we attempt to manage keeping our sanity with minimal internet access.

Until the next time that we can hollah back at ya, we’ll be seeing you IN YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK!


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